Bob Curiano began touring during the late 1970s as the bass player with the Manhattan-based band Mink De Ville and stayed with them for a decade before moving on to pursue his own musical interests of writing and producing.

Curiano became the first producer and writer for the Backstreet Boys in 1993 long before they became a household name. “A friend of mine (Lou Pearlman) called and said, ‘I found these kids. Can you come down to Florida?’ They were these nice little kids, but they couldn’t really sing harmonies very well,” recalls Curiano of that initial meeting with the teen band calling themselves “the Backstreet Boys”. In the beginning, the Backstreet Boys were actually performing Curiano’s work: “When Jive Records entered the picture, they cleaned house, brought in their own people, and I sort of got lost in the shuffle”, recalls Curiano.

Fast forward to 2015 when Ritchie Blackmore decided to reform Rainbow he invited Curiano, whom he'd met earlier at a little Long Island pub, as the bass player.  

Bob lives in Ridgefield, CT, where he is writing, producing, and freelancing as a guitarist and bass player.

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