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Bobby Morrill may be considered a musical mercenary, but in the course of a four-hour show, he can take his audience from shamrocks to palm trees.

Morrill, a cross between Jimmy Buffett, John Denver, and Paddy Reilly musically, is a"I play what I like" kind of guy. His approach to performing is no nonsense, but also no-holds barred. He knows well over

Morrill knows about 80 Irish songs and his other repertoire is a mixed bag that covers well over 350 songs. He has performed with well-known Irish artists John Whelan and Tommy Makem. "What do I play? It's better to ask, 'what won't I try to play?'

"I stick to what I like," says Morrill. "I also love playing off the audience. If someone asks for a song, if I've heard it, I'll try it. I like audience participation, and on stage, the more the merrier!"

Morrill performs regularly throughout throughout CT, NY, RI, and MA.

Click here to see a video of Bobby Morrill

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