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Michael Coppola began playing guitar at the age of eleven. His musical foundation, which began with instruction from guitarist Ritchie Lengel, was further developed through the combination of classical fingerstyle studies and lessons with jazz artist Sal Salvador. He pursued his education at the Boston Conservatory of Music and soon after in Austria, at Die Hochschule Fuer Music, where he studied serial and atonal composition with Guenther Kahowitz. He followed up this instruction later, in Manhattan, with jazz master Walter Bishop Jr.

His career spans decades and includes the inventions of both the 8 and 9 string guitars and recordings and accolades with both.

Currently, Michael performs at national guitar shows, NAMM, festivals, and concerts as well as smaller venues in New England. A few performances of note include: the Montreal Jazz Festival 2011, the Blue Note NYC 2012, the Iridium ( as a guest of Les Paul), and the National Guitar Museum, playing in duos with Gene Bertoncini, Jack Wilkins, Howard Alden, Stephen Bennett and other top guitarists in the country.

Michael was listed as a main entry in acclaimed jazz critic Scott Yanow’s 2013 book  ”The Great Jazz Guitarists  (The Ultimate Guide)”, alongside masters such as Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, etc. 


Click here to see a video of Michael Coppola

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